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Phone: +86-20-86359766

"L" Series Alkaline water generator


Intake water pressure: 0.1~0.3 mpa
Output Capacity: 500L/h~10T/h
Output PH: 7.5~13.5
Input Voltage: 380V
The machine produce alkali water by direct electric current electrolysis in its Made-in-Japan membrane electrolytic cell. Pure water will be delivered into the electrolytic cell for electrolysis, the positive ion will pass through the membrane while negative ion is blocked and kept in the Cathode room, and mix with the OH- in cathode room, makes the PH raise above 12.
Output Capacity 500 L/h 1 T/h 2 T/h 5 T/h 10 T/h
Output PH(Adjustable) 7.5~13.5 7.5~13.5 7.5~13.5 7.5~13.5 7.5~13.5
Intake water pressure220V 0.1~0.3 mpa 0.1~0.3 mpa 0.1~0.3 mpa 0.1~0.3 mpa 0.1~0.3 mpa
Power supply 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Power 3 KW 5 KW 8 KW 12 KW 18 KW
Electrolysis mode Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous
Hardware processing plant
 Hardware cleaning,oil removal, wax removal 
Facility surface Cleaning, oil removal
Glass processing plant
Facility surface Cleaning, oil removal
plant floor cleaning
Precision electronic machining plant
Facility surface Cleaning
Dust-free workshop cleaning
Medical device industry
Medical device precision Cleaning
Advanced technology
The machine is designed and manufactured by the most advanced Functional Electrolysis technology, membrane separation technology, it’s main control equipment is made up of electromagnetic device, electrolysis activation groove, control of water flow and electric circuit, convenient and tidy;
Multiple protection 
Automatic operation protection system for overheat, lack of water, over current, PH exceed etc
Longer service life
The titanium electrode is coated by platinum and iridium for antioxidation during electrolysis, largely increase the service life of electrode and the whole equipment;

Auto/ manual polarity reverse function is installed for descaling and increase the service life of electrolytic cell;
Online monitoring
                      PH level, ORP, conductivity, electrolytic current and running time are all displace live;
Full automatic running
                    PLC take over the control of every process, and displace on the touch screen for monitor and manual control;