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Phone: +86-20-86359766

A water plant in Malaysia introduced our NaClO generator

The equipment of the water plant is too old and the water is too small to meet the growing water requirements of the local residents. The government decided to build a new water plant to improve water quality and increase water supply. Therefore, they abandoned the original disinfection equipment, and introduced the sodium hypochlorite generator from our company.
This water plant originally used the disinfection process of chlorine gas, which was difficult to transport and had potential safety hazards. But our sodium hypochlorite generator only use the water, electricity, salt as raw materials, it is the most secure chemical disinfection method. And no chemical transportation and storage, it can be run and stop in any time.
The water plant will bring the safer, better quality domestic water for the public through the upgrading of the disinfection equipment. The success of the transformation has been highly appreciated by the Municipal Government.

The picture is the equipment installation site.