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Comparison of online sodium hypochlorite and commercial sodium hypochlorite

Disinfection method On-site Sodium hypochlorite Commercial Sodium hypochlorite  
product It produce a solution of strengths 0.8% and the only raw materials required are salt, water and electricity By-product of the chlor-alkali industry, with a concentration of 10%, containing an excess of alkali and harmful impurities  
Attenuation Without attenuation Attenuation of 5% per day, and also cause excessive Chlorine in drinking water  
Safety Safety disinfection method, environmental non-toxic. Dangerous articles. Risk during transport and storage and easily caused degradable when storage. Short time storage and high transport costs.  
Disinfection by-products Due to weak in chlorine oxidation ability, three material are less, and combined additive, ammonia, potassium permanganate, less by-products The raw material is Industrial salt, which contain harmful impurities in drinking water and it is bad for health.  
Economic analysis The investment is a little higher in the early time, but the operation cost is low, and after three or four years it can pay your investment money back Equipment cost is low, but the high cost of running, and the running costs cannot be controlled  
Dosing Accuracy Dosing liquid low concentration, can accurately control the amount of chlorine High concentration, difficult to precisely control the amount of chlorine